5 Things That Make Hair Unhealthy


You might not be aware but many of your habits can damage your hair, sometimes severely. If you are thinking that taking good care of hair, eating healthy food and applying best oils would make your hair healthy and perfect then my friend you are missing out something that has to put under the light.

Some Of Our Habits That Can Cause Unhealthy Hairs

Here are some of the things that you are doing wrong with your hair or things that make hair unhealthy.

1. Hot shower

According to health experts, hot showers are extremely damaging to hairs and can cause hair loss. As well as constant exposure to heat, sun rays can cause hair damage and roughness.

It is best that you take shower or wash your hairs with lukewarm water which is said to remove all dust, greasiness and maintains a good hair appearance. So is scrubbing hair with a dry towel can cause hair loss. When hairs are wet, they are fragile and scrubbing dry towel or combing hair can affect hair negatively.

2. Hair Products

It is essential that whenever you buy any hair product, you check the expiry date and ingredients. The elements used in any product are essential to be checked as some of the ingredients might be allergic to you or might have some side-effects.

Some manufacturers use parabens, alcohol, sulfates, artificial fragrances and many other harsh ingredients and chemicals that can cause permanent damage to hair.  So it is essential that you use good ingredient products, especially the one who has natural ingredients.

3. Brushing Technique

You might not know, but many of your hair brushing technique can be the reason behind unhealthy hair growth and appearance. Your brushing technique might cause hair breakage and hurt the scalp. So it is important that you know the right way.

It is good that you don’t brush your hairs from the roots, rather start from the ends. Make sure that you begin brushing little higher every time you stroke the brush. Brush little higher until you are brushing from hair roots to tips. This way your hair won’t stick in between and brushes smoothly.

Your Brushing Technique Might Not Help You

4. Tight Ponytails

A ponytail is a common hairstyle or hair look, women prefer, especially when they are having a bad day. Fixing hairs and tying tightly can pull some of your hairs from the scalp and can damage your root.

Using thin and tight bands or hair ties can break your hairs and can create hair irritation. It is best that you tie your hair with elastic bands or ties that can keep hair comfortable and loose. Using hair clips or pins instead if your hairs are popping out on your face.

5. Hair Bleach And Color

There are times that you tend to experiment with your looks and hair appearance. Some opt for bleaching to give an amazing blonde look and some experiment some new colours on hairs but that might be damaging to your hairs.

Bleach infuses your hair’s cuticles with harmful chemicals that can damage or affect negatively, causing hair fall, hair grey or dryness. So is with hair colors that can damage hairs with the harmful chemicals and can cause hair roughness and dryness.

Hair Bleach Can Damage Your Hair Permanently

Bottom Line:

These are some of the habits or mistakes that we unconsciously make, ignoring the consequences that can cause hair damage, maybe permanently. As a conclusion, I would advise you to take extra care of your hair and reduce some of the hair habits that might affect you in future. Supplements like Folexin can also help keep hair strong and long.