7 Ways To Combat Hair Loss


Hair loss or fall is not uncommon anymore as now most of the people face it every day. It is often found that our bad and unhealthy habits cause loss of hair, but there are people who are hair loss victim due to genes. Yeah! Hair loss can be hereditary.

Try These Things To Combat Hair Loss

Hair loss can be seen both men, women, and children too can experience hair loss and the reasons can be numerous depending on how good they treat their hair and health.

But following below simple things, one can combat hair loss and can keep wholesome hair health.

1. Apply Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is considered as one of the healthy moisturizing agents to your hair and keeps them shiny as the milk is rich in fat, proteins, minerals and Vitamin E. The milk is also wholesome in potassium that is considered as one of the essential ingredients that can help hair growth.

These nutrients can help strengthen hair from the root and keeps hair stronger and thicker. Extracting milk from coconut and applying on hair with little work can help protect hair from damage due to antibacterial properties present in coconut milk.

2. Hairstyles

Girls, avoid hairstyles that pull your hairline that creates irritation and sometimes hurt scalp. Tight braids, ponytails, cornrows or anything that pulls and harasses small hair can cause hair loss. The tight hairstyle creates stress that can pull your delicate hair causing hair loss and even hair thinning.

It is advisable to style hairs in a way that they are loose and comfortable to your hairline.  Use elastic to tie hair, so that doesn’t hurt you when you untie your ponytails or any hairstyles.

3. Use Essential Oils

Massaging your hair and scalp with nutritious oils can help with numerous benefits that also includes hair gain and hair loss prevention. The natural oils are said to work efficiently that benefits your hair naturally without any side-effects.

Oils such as coconut, rosemary, carrot seed, cypress, and lavender are some of the names that can help hair stronger, thicker and shinier. The properties and nutrients present in these oils can enhance healthy hair growth and improves scalp.

Nutritious Oils That Make Hair Stronger And Thicker

4. Lukewarm Water Wash

According to health experts, hair can get damaged if they are washed with hot water. It is found that warm water can cause hair to lose its charm, shape, and quantity.

Hot water can strip your scalp as well as it can lower the nutrients present on the scalp due to natural oils, resulting in severe hair damage from the roots. So it is essential that you wash your hair with lukewarm water as cold water may not clean your greasy hair.

5. Use Wooden Comb

Wooden combs can be better than any other plastic combs that can create stress in the scalp and hurt hair roots with its pointed teeth. According to a survey, people who use wooden comb noticed and experienced lesser hair loss and felt mini-massage whenever they adjust their hair.

Wooden hair combs can help increase the blood flow that can help bring nutrients to the hair roots. The wooden comb can also help eliminate dandruff by normalizing oil production in the scalp.

6. Drink Water

Drinking 2-3 liters of water daily can help you with shiny and thick hair growth. Water can help you flush out harmful toxins and waste that is bad for overall health, especially hair health.

With flushing out harmful fluids, the nutrients can work comfortably and can help grow hair faster and stronger. So it is essential that you drink water and keep yourself hydrated for better hair health.

Water Can Help You Provide Essential Nutrients

7. Use Hair Growth Supplements

Supplements like Folexin come with natural ingredients that can help to grow thick hair. Such supplements also prevent hair fall which prevents losing hair. Make sure you check the ingredients and online reviews before choosing one.

Bottom Line:

With this, it is essential that you take care of your hair efficiently and pamper them with nutritious oils and massages. Proper care can get you faster, stronger, thicker, shinier hair growth and protects from hair loss.